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*Not applicable to Summer Drummer Class (6 week class session starting in July)

$25 off registration with code NJMOM2019


As experts in the field of early childhood education, Rockness Music offers award-winning preschool rock music classes.

With new offerings, they are continuing to educate and inspire their preschoolers as they grow, as well as aid in their musical education from preschool to high school! While participating in music programs with his children ten years ago, Rockness Music Founder, Michael Napolitano, an inspired father, decided to create a music program based off of the true rock roots of his musical experience as a youth growing up in a musical family. Essentially their founder was the first preschool rocker. A musician himself, his mission became finding new ways to offer children a refreshing musical experience filled with education and fun. Naturally, early childhood education became his primary focus. Free creative expression coupled with infectious energy and a love of all things musical gave birth to some something new, exciting, and different – Rockness Music Preschool!

Rockness Music’s music and classes continue to support the growth of the young child. The program consistently evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of our growing students.

Rockness Music BIG KIDS! They offer group, individual and ‘in-school’ lessons for children K-5th grade. They also offer private lessons to all ages. We also offer group workshops including group Ukulele and Hand Drumming lessons for schools, summer camps, and community organizations. A wonderful way for older children to gain confidence, bond with fellow students and grow as budding musicians.


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