Collective Hand

NJMOM has partnered with Collective Hand to over 10% off party packages. 


Collective Hand is a textile design studio specializing in naturally dyed fabrics. Founded in 2014 by Keely and Danielle Angel, the studio was born from a desire to create fabrics that celebrate ancient dyeing traditions while balancing the needs of consumers and the planet. We use food scraps, spices and many plants we either grow ourselves or forage for locally. We use every piece of fabric we dye, nothing is thrown away. 
It brings us great joy to share our passion with the world. Natural Dyeing is a beautiful activity for birthday parties, bridal & baby showers. Everybody walks away with one of a kind hand dyed fabric, usually a t-shirt or scarf, and a tool box of various techniques they can repeat at home. Natural dyeing is good for children ages 6 and up. The look on children’s faces as they pull their dyed fabric out of the vat is just priceless. We bring all necessary supplies and no experience is needed. We offer different packages, please contact for a quote. 


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